Macron is a privately owned company situated strategically in central Taiwan where technological innovation and skilled manufacturing transpire. We are a team of experienced and dedicated designers, engineers, and manufacturers having one collective passion: making great products.

With our consolidated supply chain and vertically integrated capabilities, we have aid our clients to deliver their cutting-edge innovations and breakthrough products. We embrace challenges and appreciate originality. Our mission is to provide our global partners with singular and exceptional solutions that spur new possibilities.

designers, engineers, and manufacturers.
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Since its founding in
Macron has been built upon these principles:
Quality x Service

Macron takes pride in its commitment to our customers with integrity and uncompromised qualities. We follow industrial standard safety compliance and reliability testing to guarantee our product meets your standards. Because we understand that this world we live in values options and identity ever more than before, we are willing to take that extra step to tailor for your individual demands or specific projects.

Innovation x
Practical Design

Having been one of the pioneers in the industries we serve, Macron continues to advance and strives to innovate. Macron focuses on design and innovation that matters. Our products are designed with end-users and installers in mind. We pay close attention to details and engineer features that would make a difference. We aspire to be the best partner for your success.

Sustainability x Care

Macron looks to the future. One of the most urgent tasks of our age is to solve environmental issues caused by industrialization and population growth. Macron aims to build a sustainable business in energy/water conservation. We also implement strict waste management processes that go beyond local environmental codes because we care.

Macron is a family.

We recognize Macron’s success comes from the collective efforts of every employee and they are the biggest assets to our company. We celebrate their success and life achievements. We invest in their trainings and personal growth. We care for their well beings and benefits. Macron is a family.